O nas klaster-group.pl


is a collaboration platform which aims at increasing the intellectual and technical potential of entities, and increasing the opportunities for businesses to absorb innovative technologies concerning the industry, by connecting with research and science institutions. Klaster was established on 01.02.2011 as a result of the Partnership Agreement between the following entities - Centrum Badawczo-Rozwojowe Technologii Informatycznych Sp. z o. o. (The Research and Science Centre of the Information Technologies, Ltd.), BASoft sp. z o. o. (Ltd.) based in Lublin and Wyższa Szkoła Ubezpieczeń (The Higher School of Insurance) in Kraków. The participants of this cluster aspire to accomplish a joint mission and to reach common goals. The participating enterprises are micro, small and medium businesses operating on the IT, tele-informatics industries and the closely connected electronic market or delivering services for the entities operating in these industries.

The Mission of klaster-group.pl

The intent of klaster-group.pl is the reinforcement of innovative potential and the dynamics of the companies of the IT, ICT and electronics industries, through mutual cooperation, as well as an effective transfer of knowledge and technology through collaboration and cooperation with research and science entities.

The Vision of klaster-group.pl:

The high level of competitiveness of business, research and science sectors and the developed infrastructure of the innovation systems of the ICT and electronics industries will attract domestic and foreign companies in this field, as well as investments and leading specialists of the industries.

Today, information and communication technologies, as well as the electronic components that are closely connected with them have a great influence on the entire global economy, and they are a factor stimulating the modern world's economic development and employment. Their development progresses very rapidly year over year. This means that companies should build their competitive advantage based on knowledge and innovative technologies so as to maintain stable development.
One of the ways to ensure a constant transfer of knowledge and to provide access to such continuously specialising and advanced technologies is establishing a cluster relationship. This allows for the exchange of business information, as well as the flow of skills, and facilitates interactions between businesses and expert institutions such as research and educational organisations. O nas Klaster.Info.PL