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BASoft sp. z o.o.

BASoft sp. z o.o.

BASoft Company is a producer of software for enterprise management. The main goal of the company’s activity is to meet all the needs of people and of businesses in the broadly understood field of informatisation.

The implemented activities include:

  • developing proprietary software
  • implementation services and providing supervision of software’s authors over its correct operation
  • selling and installing computer equipment
  • designing and launching computer networks
  • hosting and designing Internet websites.
ICT Solutions Cezary Sieńczyk

ICT Solutions Cezary Sieńczyk

ICT SOLUTIONS is a buoyant IT company. It employs specialists in many related fields and their knowledge is translated into a broad service package.
The company provides full IT services for businesses - starting with the creation of their image in the Internet, and ending with installation procedures in the Customer’s head office.
Furthermore, the company carries out the implementation of the InsERT company's software, as well as IT outsourcing and designs Internet websites.
Wyższa Szkoła Ubezpieczeń in Kraków

Wyższa Szkoła Ubezpieczeń in Kraków

WSU in Kraków is a school of economics and social sciences. It was established pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 17 August 2000, and entered into the register of non-state higher education institutions under No. 49.

The institution is the only higher education school in the Region and one of few in Poland which bridges the gap in a demanding market of universal, European insurance education, conducting a permanent cooperation with the largest insurance institutions on the Polish market in the scope of student practice and recruitment. Since 2009, WSU has participated in the modeling of the Polish financial and insurance market through launching, promoting and conducting activities which support the development of this market, introducing new business entities and products connected with finance and insurance, as well as through conducting research and development, didactics, training, publishing and lobbing activities.

WSU performs consumer-oriented projects implemented independently or together with financial and insurance institutions, associations and chambers of commerce of the insurance and finance industries. The school has been running research and science entities in the form of industry institutions for eleven years. Within the school itself, there is the Instytut Ubezpieczeń Społecznych i Gospodarczych WSU (The Institute of Social and Economic Insurance), which, apart from performing activities beneficial to institutions, organisations and businesses of the financial sector, also delivers research and consulting services to any willing entity and organisation.



The Marsoft Company provides commercial services through online retailing and comprehensive IT services.

It covers the local and domestic markets. It also services the business and retail industries, provides ERP software, and provides solutions dedicated to housing co-operatives and property managers.

Moreover, the Company performs software-related and implementation work and provides business consulting services. Since 2012, it has been creating a mobile support system for travelers and tourists thanks to EU subsidies.

Euro-Konsult Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company)

Euro-Konsult Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company)

For many years, the Euro-Konsult Company has been offering to its customers a full service in obtaining non-repayable funds from European Union sources and support schemes.

The Company specialises in preparing application forms for businesses and local authorities. Clients, regardless of the industry in which they operate, are offered the preparation of application for financial support, together with the relevant enclosures (business plans, feasibility studies) for investments involving

the purchase of means of transport, the purchase of machinery and equipment, extension and modernisation of existing company infrastructure, the building of new administrative space, office space or production halls, as well as the implementation of new technologies.

Complex IT

Complex IT

Complex IT Sp. z o. o. has been present in the market since 1999. Since its beginnings, the company has offered comprehensive IT services for companies, as well as hardware maintenance.

In 2000, it also started commercial activities, consequently broadening the range of offered services. Its cooperation with companies that hold significant positions within the market entails the continuity of supply, advantageous prices, and quality-assured hardware, all of which are features guaranteed by the company. Moreover, it warrants the high level of proffered services, their dependability, safety and complete customer satisfaction with items that have been purchased from the company.

Complex IT specialises in numerous aspects of computer science in its broadest sense – from the engineering and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, through the designing of WAN and LAN networks, to services connected with the installation and configuration of hardware and software directly at the customer’s registered office. Since 2009, it has been a member of the Eu-dotacje.com.pl Group, with a nation-wide scope of operations.

Doradztwo Gospodarcze Michał Ogonowski

Doradztwo Gospodarcze Michał Ogonowski

Doradztwo Gospodarcze (Economic Consultancy) offers comprehensive economic counselling services enabling business decision-making and the implementation of solutions supporting business development.

Owing to, among other factors, close cooperation with its clients and its establishing of long-term relationships, the company is focussed on professional customer services.

ACIT sp. z o. o.

ACIT sp. z o. o.

ACIT Sp. z o.o. is a company operating in two sectors – IT and consulting.

As part of its information technology activities, it designs and implements advanced IT solutions. While offering full customer services, it retails the hardware and software available on the market, as well as provides a range of services related to designing, optimising and positioning of web pages, while providing computer service, information systems audits and the development of dedicated software. Based on audit results, the company provides a complete and detailed study reflecting the anomalies detected in the functioning of the entire IT system and the level of detected threats in terms of the aspects of safety of the company.

The counselling in regard to obtaining EU funds and the management of EU-funded projects comprise the second company profile of ACIT. In so doing, it offers a full range of services. These start with selecting a suitable assistance programme, and continue through preparing application documents, as well as with assisting in the signing of the subsidy contract, and then goes all the way to the clearance of the entire project.

The National Forum for Lifelong Guidance Policy

The National Forum for Lifelong Guidance Policy

The National Forum for Lifelong Guidance Policy is an association organising guidance counsellors, persons connected with counselling, labour market institutions and other organisations aimed at career counselling in Poland.

The main objectives implemented by the Forum are:

  • creating platforms for contact, integration and experience-sharing by guidance counsellors and all persons connected with vocational guidance in Poland;
  • supporting the development of vocational guidance through the provision of modern methods, tools and publications for guidance counsellors, as well as the organisation of training courses, workshops and conferences for guidance counsellors;
  • popularising the concept of career guidance, and informing the population at large of its significance in building modern labour markets and in combating unemployment;
  • cooperating with Government and Local Government institutions in the development of vocational guidance in Poland and in combating unemployment;
  • cooperating and experience-sharing with other EU countries within the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Forum, as well as participating in international projects, e.g. “The School and Labour Network”.
ART – BIT A. Juściński S. Bartkowiak s.c.

ART – BIT A. Juściński S. Bartkowiak s.c.

Our company specialises in servicing corporate IT and telecommunications systems. It has also, for some years now, implemented innovative telecommunications solutions and security systems based on GPS infrastructure and on cellular network operators.

It builds its systems from the ground up as the only company in the Lubelskie Voivodeship, taking into account the specific needs of our customers in order to gain the most beneficial optimisation of expenses in comparison to objectives.

The following products are offered by our company:

  • satellite navigation systems
  • vehicle monitoring and control systems
  • radio-communications equipment
  • CB equipment
  • industrial automation
  • satellite navigation
  • electrical and electronic products.
ERP- PROJEKT.PL Paweł Pyzara

ERP- PROJEKT.PL Paweł Pyzara

The company sells and implements Comarch CDN XL software, focussing specifically on the modules of production, logistics and Business Intelligence (advanced extensions of the standard functionality provided by Cmarch).

It also implements developer projects, and the integration of the ERP system with the Mecalux (Galileo) high-bay warehouse and LANTEK software (CNC control). The company has also introduced an IT system designed for the broadly understood Maintenance control in production companies.


Fabryka Elementów, Podzespołów i Urządzeń Elektronicznych Tewa Termico Sp. z o.o.

Fabryka Elementów, Podzespołów i Urządzeń Elektronicznych Tewa Termico Sp. z o.o.

Fabryka Elementów, Podzespołów i Urządzeń Elektronicznych Tewa Termico Sp. z o.o.
Firma powstała w 1969 r. jako Zakład Doświadczalny "ELPAN" Instytutu Technologii Elektronowej PAN. Od początku przedmiotem głównej działalności była produkcja termistorów NTC i tak jest do tej pory. W późniejszych latach zakład zmienił nazwę na Naukowo-Produkcyjne Centrum Półprzewodników przy Instytucie Technologii Elektronowej, a następnie Odział Produkcyjny Fabryki Półprzewodników "Tewa" podlegający pod Naukowo Produkcyjne Centrum Półprzewodników "CEMI". Zakład został nabyty przez prywatnego inwestora w 1994 r. pod nazwą Przedsiębiorstwo produkcyjno-handlowe elementów i wyrobów elektronicznych "TEWA" Sp. z o.o., a następnie nastąpiła zmiana nazwy na "UNITRA CEMI" Fabryka Półprzewodników "TEWA" Sp. z o.o. Ostateczne brzmienie firma otrzymała w 1995 r. jako: Fabryka Elementów, Podzespołów i Urządzeń Elektronicznych Tewa Termico Sp. z o.o.

Działalność firmy stale się rozszerza, nieustannie doskonaląc proces produkcji czujników temperatury oraz termistorów NTC. Obecnie firma dostarcza rozwiązania dla przemysłu:
  • MOTORYZACYJNEGO: Termistory epoksydowe oraz dyskowe. Standardowe dla motoryzacji charakterystyki R/T.
  • CHEMICZNEGO: Termistory szklane. Dostosowane do potrzeb klienta charakterystyki R/T oraz obudowy.
  • MEDYCZNEGO: Miniaturowe czujniki. Standardowe charakterystyki R/T. Kompatybilne z serią 400.
  • WOJSKOWEGO: Termistory NTC zgodne z wymaganiami jakościowymi przemysłu wojskowego.
  • PRODUCENTÓW OPRZYRZĄDOWANIA: Standardowe oraz dostosowane do potrzeb aplikacji charakterystyki R/T. Miniaturowe czujniki
  • LOTNICZEGO: Termistory epoksydowe. Charakterystyka R/T oraz wymiary dostosowane do potrzeb klienta.
  • INNYCH APLIKACJI: Szeroki wybór czujników standardowych oraz projektowanych według wymagań klienta.